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Individual skill builders and job seekers, BetterTests.com specializes in providing you the online testing and certifications you need to verify your skills to employers. You can take unlimited practice tests before certifying your skills in any area. There is not a faster more economical way to practice and certify your skills on the market today.

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Test Manager Account and Dashboard

Manage all your practive tests and certifications from our free Test Manager. It includes a simple dashboard that gives you all the information and control you need in one place. Whether you are taking one test or career certification sets, you'll have quick access to everything in one place. There is not an easier more economical solution than BetterTests.com.

Passcode Tests

Employers use our system to certify the skills of job candidates like you! When they want you to show them your skills you will receive an email with a passcode asking you to certify your skills. Simply enter the passcode into our site and the tests they requested for you will be ready to go. Often these tests will be free to you as the employer or recruiter carries the cost of your certification. You simply need to certify your skills.

Save as you go with individual test certifications and career certification sets or build your own custom test sets.

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BetterTests.com is the most efficient job skill testing and online certification solution for the core skills required in today's workplace.


We enable individuals to certify their skills through a variety of fast, effective online skill certification tests.


Let BetterTests.com help you save time and money while certifing your skills today.


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If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.