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BetterTests.com specializes in providing you the testing and certifications you need to verify the core skills required in todays computer based work environment. Simply put there is not a faster more economical way to test and certify the skills required in your job candidates and employees.

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Manage everything from your free Test Manager account including a simple dashboard that gives you all the information and control in one place. Whether you have one candidate or hundreds the interface is clean and simple providing live status updates and quick access to all your tests and career certification programs in one place.

Use individual tests, our pre-packaged Career Certification Sets' or create your own custom test sets and save them in your account.

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Save as you go with individual test certifications and career certification sets or build your own custom test sets.

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BetterTests.com is the most efficient job skill testing and online certification solution for the core skills required in today's workplace.


We enable individuals to certify their skills through a variety of fast, effective online skill certification tests.


Let BetterTests.com help you save time and money while certifing your skills today.


The BetterTests.com Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.