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Applicant and Job Seeker Q&A - Employer's click here

Q: As a prospective job seeker in the clerical field, why should I use BetterTests.com?

A: As the first and foremost online testing service, we can put you at the head of applicant lines with an industry trusted certificate authenticating your current typing speed and accuracy. We also provide testing certificates in other office tasks. The best reason to use our online typing and data entry testing services is the confidence you will carry into job interviews with your certified qualifications from BetterTests.com in hand.

Q: What types of testing do you provide?

A: We offer many different kinds of testing. Please see links below for a description of our standard tests.

Q: Which tests should I take?

A: We offer many testing options. If you are a freelance worker or want to make yourself a more desirable and efficient employee or job seeker, sharpen your skills and show your aptitude using any of the tests we provide. All tests are certified via our VCS technology and will provide solid evidence of your skills and aptitude to any potential employer.

Q: An employer sent me to BetterTests.com to take a typing test, can I use my BetterTests.com certificate to apply with other employers?

A: Yes, you can share your BetterTests.com test results with any prospective employer by using the "Tell a friend" feature, or you can simply print copies of your certificate to mail or take with you on interviews. BetterTests.com is respected in the industry because of its rigorous testing and security standards, so you can confidently bring your BetterTests.com certificate to any employer, knowing that it is valid evidence of your skills and aptitude.

Q: Can BetterTests.com help with my career development?

A: Yes we can. We offer many different testing options for you to sharpen and improve your skills. Our tests provide a wide range of testing metrics you can track so with a little practice you can watch your skills, ability and desirability as a job candidate soar.

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Employer, Recruiter and Staffing Agency Q&A

Q: Can you help me pre-screen and test potential applicants over the internet?

A: Yes, we have a number of ways we can help. You have the option to either reference our internet site in your own add or you can advertise directly on the BetterTests.com bulletin board and automatically link any required testing you would like to the job listing. With our remote testing feature you can purchase single user ID's to distribute to your potential applicants and they can log in from any internet connection and proceed with any pre-employment testing you choose. Upon completion both you and the applicant can view the results and print a certificate indicating their aptitude. We also provide a method for downloading multiple applicant test scores for your internal evaluation. All results can be verified using our secure VCS technology.

Q: Our company needs to do a lot of different types of testing, can you help?

A: Yes, we certainly can. We offer standardized testing as well as customized testing. We can even upload your existing tests and logos for testing certificates. You decide what you want to test and any metrics you want to track. We provide many testing options including multiple choice, fill in the blank and training tests that do not allow the employee to proceed until the test question is answered correctly.

Q: Does BetterTests.com provide free advertising?

A: Yes, as a registered user you have full access to job bulletin board where you can post unlimited job listings and link the listings to any pre-screening tests you would like. It gets even better, because by making a qualifying purchase you can advertise in a banner ad appearing on our site for free! Applicants can search for your job listing by zip code or job title. Use BetterTests.com to make your recruiting tasks simple, secure and successful!

Q: Can you help me create an ad that clearly directs applicants to BetterTests.com for testing?

A: Certainly, there are a number of different ways you can direct applicants to our web site. Here are a few examples :

  • "Seeking full time secretary. Visit BetterTests.com and enter 93901-1234 on the job search page."

    Please note, each job announcement is keyed to your zip code, so that local job seekers can find you online. When applicants enter that code, they will find your announcement automatically linked to any tests you require.

  • "Full-time secretary, two years experience required. Must type 45 wpm, keypad 160 kpm. Spelling, grammar and punctuation skills a must. Submit certificates from BetterTests.com for the following tests with your job application : Basic Typing, Basic Keypad, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail for further screening."

    You can then verify and download the test scores over the internet for those applicants you choose to interview.

Q: Can you help with overseas outsourcing?

A: We certainly can. BetterTests.com is a great way to advertise and hire from around the world. With our online testing, applicants can apply and test for job listings from an internet connection anywhere in the world.

Q: What is a BetterTests.com Secure Certificate, and how can I trust it?

A: Our VCS certificate is an industry standard because the certificate and the whole process has been OVER engineered! Both employer and employee can rest assure that when using BetterTests.com they are getting the best office certification and pre-screening tools in the market.

  • Confirms the aptitude of the skills tested.
  • Confirms the identity of the person whose test results are documented.
  • Prevents tampering with embedded watermarks and hidden security features. Whether digital or printed our certificates cannot be duplicated or altered. Security features include unique test and result ID numbers, validation dates, and embedded watermarks that cannot be copied.

Q: Do you offer test customization?

A: Yes, we can generate customized test for you or download your pre-existing tests all from our secure web site. We can even customize our testing certificates with your logo and any specific testing metrics you would like to track. Please Contact Us to begin customizing your online tests today! View the links below for the standard metrics tracked for each type of test:

Q: I manage the Human Resources Department of a large company. We handle the testing of dozens of new applicants and current employees everyday. Can you help with the administration of both current and new employee testing?

A: Yes we certainly can. Why run a costly testing center when BetterTests.com can help you prescreen new applicants and train current employees over the internet for a fraction of the cost. Add a link to your company web site and both new applicants and current employees can have access to the computer based online training you desire. Use your employer ID code on the log in page, you will be able to see the results of every test taken. All test results can be easily viewed and downloaded. There are no liscences nor software needed, we do it all for you over the internet through our secure server. BetterTests.com provides a great way to measure proficiency and provide ongoing training for new applicants and current employees.

Q: How does your Verified Certification System (VCS) verify test results?

There are three ways to verify test results with our VCS technology:

  • BetterTests.com secure testing certificates. Whether digital or printed our certificates cannot be duplicated or altered. Security features include unique test and result ID numbers, validation dates, and embedded watermarks that cannot be copied.
  • Through your account online at BetterTests.com. All test results provided online have the same security features as a printed certificate. Test results cannot be altered or omitted and are linked to unique test and log in identification numbers.
  • Quick knowledge verification re-testing. We offer separate 60-second tests that can be administered at your office over the internet so you can compare previous online performance. Simply direct applicants to BetterTests.com and select 'Verify Certificate'. A selection from the skill test or a random set of knowledge questions will appear for the applicant to verify their knowledge. Check their previous online performance with this short verification test. Results should be similar.

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