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Bettertests.com is the online leader in certified clerical testing. With our pre-employment clerical testing services, we help Job Seekers get noticed and Employers save costs by enabling them to find Certified optimal talent quickly. Our online Office Skills Tests, Typing Tests, Data Entry Tests, and Keypad Tests enable employers to send individual tests or a battery of tests directly to prospective employees. The Job Seekers are provided with a .PDF printable Certificate backed by our VCS (Verified Certification System) and the employer is notified the instant a test is completed.

As the only site focusing primarily on clerical pre-employment testing, we have made ourselves stand out from the pack. Past and current partnerships with selftestonline.com and bettertests.com include Gwinnett County, GA. We were responsible for Gwinnett County's shift to online testing.

Bettertests.com is a subsidiary of SelfTestOnLine, LLC, which was established by Dr. Larry Solow and Sharon Neumann Solow, M.A. in 1996. It was established to help Job Seekers and Employers become more efficient and effective.

Thank you for visiting Bettertests.com! If you would like to know more about how Bettertests.com can help you, please call 888-803-1372 or visit the Contact Us page to send any comments, questions or suggestions.

Current Officers

Jered Solow - CEO

Scott Borne - Director of IT

John Leighton - Director of Business Development

Undecided on pre-employment testing?

The Riverside County Human Resources Department stated in a recent article in entrepeneur magazine:

  • "Internet based pre-employment testing will benefit your recruiting efforts by attracting more candidates and increasing your ability to recruit from afar... and has proven to be less expensive than written testing..."

  • Bettertests.com offers these services and more and would love to help your organization save time and money and become more efficient.