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Testing Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • USERNAME - Name of person logged in at the time of the test.

  • VERIFIED NAME - Name as entered by the test taker.

  • WORDS - Total words typed (5 characters per word including spaces).

  • TIME - Actual test time in minutes and seconds.

  • INCORRECT WORDS - Number of words typed incorrectly.

  • PERCENT CORRECT (WORDS) - Percent of words typed correctly.

  • CWPM NET - Number of corrected words per minute (backspace key used).

  • UWPM GROSS - Total uncorrected words per minute.

  • CWPM NET - Corrected words per minute after deducting space bar keystrokes.

  • UWPM NET - Total uncorrected words per minute after deducting space bar keystrokes.

  • KEYSTROKES - Total number of keystrokes typed.

  • KEYSTROKE ERRORS - Total number of incorrect keystrokes.

  • PERCENT CORRECT (KEYSTROKES) - Percent of keystrokes typed correctly.

  • CKPM NET - Number of corrected keystrokes per minute.

  • UKPM GROSS - Number of uncorrected keystrokes per minute.

  • CKPS NET - Corrected keystrokes per second.

  • UKPS GROSS - Uncorrected keystrokes per second.

  • BACKSPACES - Number of times the backspace key was pressed during the test.

  • INTERVAL VARIANCE - Variance between the actual duration of the test and the server time to open the test and close the test.

  • WINDOW WINDOW - Test window the user typed in (right or the left).

  • TIME - Maximum ammount of time allowed for the test.

  • TESTING SAFEGUARDS - Indicates which keys were allowed and disallowed during the test i.e. Copy/Paste.

  • ADVANCED GRADING METHOD - The advanced grading method counts the Tab and Enter keys as one keystroke. Double spaces count as two keystrokes. The simple grading method does not count these strokes.

Any and all of the above available for custom tests only.



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