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Office Skills - Basic Microsoft Word Test (2003)

If you spend time creating and formatting a document, you can save the document as a Word template. You can then use the template as a model document or starting point whenever you have to create a similar document.

This is false

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If you want to check the spelling in a document without checking for possible grammar mistakes, what steps would you take?

You cannot stop the grammar checker when you start the spell checker. They always work together.

The only way to disable the grammar checker is to go to the Microsoft® website and download a Word grammar checker update file.

You could start the spell checking operation and when the Spelling and Grammar window is displayed, uncheck the Check grammar checkbox.

Name some of the formatting information that can be included in a style?

Font, font size, font color, and paper size

Font, font size, font color, line spacing, and paragraph alignment

Paragraph alignment, text underlining, and page orientation (landscape versus portrait)

What is a fast way to change a text font?

Select (highlight) the text you want to change. Then go to Start/Control Panel/Fonts to select the desired font from a list.

Select (highlight) the text you want to change. Place you cursor at the end of the selected text and type in the name of the font you want to use.

Select (highlight) the text you want to change. Then select the desired font from the Font box on the Formatting toolbar.

What is one of the fastest ways to delete text from a document?

Select the text you want to delete and then simultaneously press the Ctrl/Alt/Delete keys on your keyboard.

Using your mouse, select (highlight) the text you want to delete and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Select the text you want to delete and then press the F9 key on your keyboard.

What does the Edit/Paste Special command do?

It opens up the Paste Special window where you can select how to paste copied information into your document. For example, if you are pasting text, the Paste Special window enables you to paste it as plain text or formatted text.

It enables you to insert items such as page numbers, headers, and cross-references into your document.

It opens up the Paste Special window where you can select from a list of preformatted items such as text boxes and tables to paste into the document.

The File/Page Setup command opens the Page Setup window. What are three page setup options in the Page Setup window?

You can adjust page view, page zoom, and page width.

You can adjust page margins, page orientation (portrait or landscape), and paper size.

You can adjust margins, page zoom, and table width.

When you are ready to print a document, it can be helpful to preview the document on your computer monitor to see what it will look like when it is printed. If you see any problems with the layout or formatting, you can make corrections before printing th

Select File/Print Preview from the Main Menu. Word displays the document as it will appear when printed.

You cannot "print preview" a Word document. You must actually print the document to see that it will look like when printed.

Select Window/Arrange All from the Main Menu to see what the document will look like before printing.

When you save a file as a standard Word Document, what is the file extension that Word assigns to the file name?




There are two main options for opening a Word document: you can select File/New or File/Open from the main Menu Bar. If you select File/Open, how does Word respond?

A directory opens where you can select a Word template.

The last file you worked on opens in "full screen reading" mode.

Word displays the Open window. The Open window lists documents you can click on to open. It also lists directories you can navigate to find and open a document. You normally use the File/Open command to open an existing document.