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BetterTests.com prepare you for a job by:

  • We can help you get it by providing proof of your skills. Let us help you, show what you know.

  • Show aptitude to any potential employers before you interview.

The Bettertests.com Certificate is valued by employers around the world for two important reasons:

  • Bettertests.com tests accurately measure a test taker's expertise. Tests are carefully developed to provide employers with an assured assessment of the skills and knowledge they want in an employee.

  • Bettertests.com Certified Tests can by verified using the Verified Certification System (VCS). Each certificate contains a code which the employer can use to witness a one minute skills test (or a six question knowledge test) to be sure you are the person who took the original test. Employers accept the certificate as valid because they can use the VCS to prove you know what the certificate says you know.

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