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Distribute passcodes for specific Certified Tests. Choose to purchase passcodes or ask applicants to pay. Check test scores and results.

See the tests you have purchased: Send Passcodes, Take Tests:

Check your purchased tests, send passcodes or take tests.

Sending passcodes to job applicants will give them a link directly to the Certified Test you want them to take.

As you are preparing your passcode order form, you can choose to pay for the passcode tests yourself or have the applicants pay.

Check scores and test results:

Scores and results from passcode tests will be emailed to the address you registered and will be filed for future reference. Use this page

  • to review individual scores
  • to inspect test results (which reveal errors, mistakes and correct responses)
  • to verify a test score using VCS.

Scores and results can also be downloaded to a spreadsheet.

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